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a.k.a. Samters Triad  
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Definition: ASA Triad a.k.a Samters Triad

Please note: I am not a doctor and have no medical knowledge whatsoever. Anything you find on this website is merely as a result of my own experiences. If you suspect you are suffering from any condition mentioned here please consult a trained medical practitioner.

ASA Triad is also known as Samters Triad , Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease ( AERD ) , Aspirin Triad Asthma.

From what I have learned sufferers exhibit asthma, nasal polyps and aspirin intolerance. This aspirin intolerance is not a simple allergic reaction to aspirin. Those affected by this condition can develop a rash and/or asthmatic reaction, which can be life threatening, when they take aspirin or aspirin-related drugs. Because of this type of reaction, sufferers with nasal polyps and asthma are often advised to avoid aspirin, even if they have never had a reaction to aspirin.

Patients with ASA triad can have severe asthma and rhinosinusitis. Even after appropriate sinus surgery, the polyps can return. Optimal treatment includes sinus surgery and medical management. Most patients with ASA triad require steroid treatment.


My Experience

Thankfully I have never experienced severe asthma. Ive had two surgeries under a general anaesthetic to remove polyps. Unfortunately the polyps keep growing back. I am currently being treated with daily with low dosage prednisolone (a steroid), Singulair, cetirizine (antihistamine) and low dose clarythromicin (antibiotic). I also take seretide inhaler morning and night. The seretide is for my lungs (possibly why I dont suffer badly from asthma).

I recently had a skin test which showed allergies to dogs, cut grass, aspirin, and a very strong reaction to dust mites.

Ive been put on a low salicylate diet. More on that on other pages.